2 Jan 2018

How To Put Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping

How To Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping
In today’s date, Whatsapp needs no introduction. It is a brilliant social networking app by Facebook. It is an instant messaging app which uses 2G,3G,4G or Wifi connection to send and receive messages. Recently WhatsApp added free call option within the app. For all that, you just need an active internet connection. We can change whatsapp profile picture, change status, change privacy options in whatsapp. Thus, it allows lot of personlisation. User can hide or show his whatsapp profile picture, status from other users. There is also an option that allows you to hide from other users whether you have read their messages or not. It is a great privacy feature. User can change background wallpaper in chat screen.
Setting whatsapp profile picture is a very easy task. And many users out there change it several times a day. Users use whatsapp profile picture to show their emotion or say a message. But there is a limitation of whatsapp. User can only set square profile picture. Sometimes it becomes very irritating as user has to crop down the part of image he does want to set as whatsapp profile picture without cropping. Well don’t you worry guys, there is actually a solution to that problem. It allows you to set up image as it is. You do not need to crop it.

How To Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping.

Given below are the best and easiest methods to set WhatsApp profile photo in any aspect ratio other than 1:1. Follow the steps given below to set a complete image as your profile picture without having to crop anything.

Method 1:- Use SquareDroid To Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping.

Follow below written steps to set whatsapp profile photo without cropping.
Step 1. First of all, users need to download SquareDroid app by clicking on download button below.Download From Playstore whatsapp profile pictureStep 2. Open the app as soon as installation is complete.
Step 3. Now the screen that opens, you have to tap on Pick a Photo.pick photo
Step 4. Select A Picture Which You wanna set whatsapp profile picture.select photo
Step 5. Now save the photo and set it as Whatsapp profile photo by selecting it from gallery as you do normally.
Now you can set that photo as your WhatsApp profile photo without any need to crop it.

Method 2:- Use No Crop to set Whatsapp Profile Picture without Cropping.

Follow the steps written below to use No Crop to set Whatsapp profile photo without cropping.
Step 1. First of all, the user needs to download No Crop by clicking on download button below.Download From Playstore whatsapp profile pictureStep 2. Open the app as soon as installation is complete.
Step 3. Now select the photo you want to set as whatsapp profile photo.nocrop
Step 4. Adjust the background transparency, blurred level and position.
Step 5. Hit “Save” and set the image as your WhatsApp profile picture.
Other then this functionality, this app has many other features such as emojis, stickers, filters, etc. It can also do basic editing such as brightness contrast etc. Using this app you can easily set up a whatsapp profile picture without any need to crop it.
That’s it from from us on How to set Whatsapp Profile Picture without Cropping. If you have any other method or questions regarding this topic feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

13 Dec 2017

Android Hidden Secret Codes List 2017

Android Secret Codes
Android is the most popular smartphone OS ever. Developers create various kind of backdoor within the applications and operating systems. Through these backdoors any user who has sufficient knowledge can get into the much deeper system as compare to other users. As we all know Android is an open source operating system based on Linux Kernel and developed by Google. Android operating system is most widely used in the world. Android developers also create many backdoor through which you can enter into the system and you can change settings. It is not meant to use these backdoor for malicious intent because developers block some modes and these backdoor are the way or allow the users to enter into the system and let them become familiar to the system. In smartphones these backdoor are called “secret codes”. We have also listed out iPhone secret codes These are the numeric/symbolic sequences which allow you to access system settings for several uses. So here we collect some hidden android secret codes May be some of them not work on specific device but you can try it.

List Of Android Secret Codes.

  1. Factory restore setting
  2. Clear all application and data.
  3. Remove Google account setting.
  4. Remove System, application data and settings.
  1. Reinstall the phones firmware.
  2. Used for factory format.
  3. Remove all files and settings including the internal storage.
  4. Reinstall the firmware.
  1. Enabling test mode for service activity.
  2. Used to enter into Service mode.
  3. You can run and change various tests and settings in the service mode.
  1. Phone basic information.
  2. Phone usage detail.
  3. Battery information.
  1. Information about mobile camera.
  2. Get camera information.
  3. Note:- Please avoid update camera firmware option
  1. Changing the power button behavior.
  2. Enables the direct power off without asking for selecting any option (silent mode, Aeroplane and power off).
  1. Create backup to all your media files.
  2. Opens file copy screen where you can backup your media files like (images, videos and audios).
  1. For Google Talk service monitoring.
  2. Used to launch G Talk Service Monitor.
  1. Used to display product code.
  1. Used to know Battery Status.
  1. Software and Hardware Info.
  1. Let you know Ciphering Info.
  1. Data create menu.
  1. Data usage status.
  1. OTA update menu.

WLAN, GPS And Bluetooth Test Android Secret Codes.

  1. WLAN Test.
  1. Displays/Shows WiFi MAC address.
  1. For quick GPS test.
  1. Different type GPS test.
  1. Bluetooth test.
  1. Displays Bluetooth device address.

Firmware Version Information Android Secret Codes.

  1. Let you know about FTA SW Version.
  1. FTA Hardware Version.
  1. Firmware Info PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate.
  1. PDA and Phone firmware info.
  1. RF band selection
  1. Diagnostic configuration.
  1. USB 12C mode control.
  1. USB logging control.
  1. RIL dump menu.
  1. Debug dump menu.
  1. System dump mode.
  1. Shows Build time changelist number.
  2. PDA, Phone, CSC, Build Time, ChangeList number.
  1. NAND flash serial number.
  1. GCF mode status.

Factory Tests Android Secret Codes.

  1. Packet Loop-back test.
  1. LCD test.
  1. Audio/Melody test.
  1. Vibration test and Back Light test Device test.
  1. Displays Touch screen version.
  1. Touch-Screen test.
  1. Proximity sensor test.
  1. RAM version.
  1. Real time clock test.
  1. Light sensor test.
  1. Quick test menu.

PDA and Phone Android Secret Codes.

  1. Field test.
  1. IMEI number.
  1. Enables voice dialing logging mode.
  1. Disables voice dialing logging mode.
  1. Execute from Emergency dial screeen to unlock PUK code.
  1. HSDPA HSUPA control menu.
  1. View phone lock status.

Other Android Secret Codes.

  1. Galaxy S3 service menu.
  1. Motorola DROID hidden service menu.
  2. The default SPC password is six zeroes(000000).
  1. LG Optimus 2x hidden service menu.
  2. When prompted for a code enter six zeroes(000000).
  1. Lg Optimus 3D hidden service menu.
  2. When prompted for a code enter six zeroes(000000).

All the above given android secret codes are tested and working fine. But some codes may not works few devices. You can just try find which works and which does not. Be alert while using them because we are not responsible for any data loss or other problem. If you have any problem while trying please leave your comment below.

JoyofAndroid has a detailed secret code articles which you can read here - http://joyofandroid.com/android-secret-codes-hidden-menu-dialler-codes/. This article has over 110 android secret codes. While most of the codes will work on most devices some may not as they are device specific.

4 Jun 2017

How to Add Floating Ads in Blog Footer

Have you ever seen a banner ad hovering under the webpage? Now we will learn to create ads float or drift in the footer of the blog. When an open blog, banner ads will immediately appear in footer of the blog and continue to follow the current discroll down. There is a close button or exit to eliminate those who do not want ads.

Blog is a blog that potential visitors can advertise crowded, because the potential to be clicked and generate dollars. Ads in the footer of this drift can maximize revenue from the blog. How to create an ad floating in the footer of the blog is also easy, no need to edit the blog template. Interested to try it?

How to Make Floating Ads in Blog Footer

How to Make Floating Ads in Blog Footer
1. Log into blog account
2. Select Layout and then Add a Gadget
3. Choose HTML / JavaScript
4. Enter the following HTML code:

<!-- FOOTER ADS -->
<script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'>
</script><br />
<script type='text/javascript'>
$(document).ready(function() {
<style type='text/css'>
div#btm_banner {
bottom: 0;
position: fixed;
width: 100%;
opacity: 0.9;
left: 0;
div#btm_banner img{
<div style='height: 0px;'></div>
<div align='center' id='btm_banner' style='height: 100px; z-index: 9999;'>
<div style='text-align: right; width: 983px; height: 15px;'>
<img id='closed' src='http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FJbBxXlFzSM/UChDqaGbcMI/AAAAAAAACPA/Lc4uhFU639c
<div style='clear: both;'></div>


<!-- FOOTER ADS -->

5. Save

You can edit it yourself to adjust to the size of the banner and advertising code, the color red is the code that you can replace. Once installed, the banner ads will appear in the footer of the blog, do not worry, this ad is close or exit option so not overly disturb readers.

3 Jun 2017

Infinite Scrolling Load More Post for Blogger in 19 Cool Styling

19 Stylish Infinite Scrolling Load More Post for Blogger

Infinite Scroll is not just latest trend but a best way to make visitor view posts of second page in current page itself. This hack simply includes the posts below the posts in same page. 
This makes the visitor to view huge posts without switching the pages. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other sites use the same concept.

Such that one can easily add the Infinite Scrolling to their blogger just by adding few codes to the HTML widget of blogger. He has used one default simple style for the Load More Post link.
I created some 19 different styles that can make the Load More Post link more attractive.
Using the code is very simple.


Select your desired style from list of Styles defined below and click Get Codelink and copy the code from the external link.

Step 2:

Goto Layout page. Click Add Gadget Select HTML/JavaScript then paste the code as content and Save.

Different Styles

Style 1Get Code

Style 2Get Code

Style 3Get Code

Style 4Get Code

Style 5Get Code

Style 6Get Code

Style 7Get Code

Style 8Get Code

Style 9Get Code

Style 10Get Code

Style 11Get Code

Style 12Get Code

Style 13Get Code

Style 14Get Code

Style 15Get Code

Style 16Get Code

Style 17Get Code

Style 18Get Code

Style 19Get Code

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